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The Outstanding Community Group Award honours a community or group of volunteers who demonstrate outstanding skills in coordinating and motivating donors and volunteers for fundraising projects for the benefit of charitable institutions. The recipient group will have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in coordinating donors and volunteers for major fundraising projects and non-profit organizations.

The award

In 2001 Prairie Women on Snowmobiles (PWOS) began when one friend, a breast cancer survivor, asked her friend to snowmobile across Saskatchewan to raise money for breast cancer research being funded by the Canadian Cancer Society. With a dozen or more women riding each year, and supported by a wonderful executive and volunteer pit crew, over its’ 16 year history the rides have covered nearly 27,000 kilometers and raised an astonishing $2.3 million. In addition, for the past 4 years PWOS has also chosen to increase its local impact on breast cancer by including as a recipient of funds the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. Because of this, PWOS has contributed over $128,000 to purchase much needed equipment for the Allan Blair Cancer Centre, the Saskatoon Cancer Centre and the Screening Program for Breast Cancer. Although the fundraising is phenomenal, it isn’t all what PWOS is about.

PWOS also increases the awareness of the importance of early detection and provides a warm and inviting place for people to share their cancer journey.

As they travel the province by snowmobile, the women make a powerful visual statement about the fight against cancer. And, in celebrating survivorship and those who have won, are battling, or have lost, their fight against cancer, there are many moments when survivors and their family they meet share their stories. Add to this the very unpredictable weather conditions – anywhere from little snow to freezing wind-chilled temperatures, and you can appreciate both their passion and tenacity. As a past president of PWOS once said “it just takes a hug from a survivor and you don’t care how cold it is outside.”

The riders involve each community they visit. Upon their arrival, a local resident takes the snowmobile lead and the core riders are joined by anyone, of whatever age and gender. Residents hold events to raise funds for the ride and the core riders speak at banquets.

It is no wonder that PWOS attributes its success to not only the members of the Prairie Women On Snowmobiles, but also from the citizens and the communities that they have traveled through for 15 missions.

The Canadian Cancer Society and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency are honoured to be working with the inspiring PWOS team.  To the hard-working PWOS executive who spend countless hours in planning each detail, and to the 8 women of Mission 2017 who commit to fundraise and the 6 day ride, and to the dependable volunteer pit crew who also give so much of their time, we offer our heartfelt thanks and wish you much success.

PWOS CCS SCA award 2016


Prairie Women On Snowmobiles was one of 50 individuals/groups across Canada to receive the national flag award in 2015 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of our national flag. The award recognizes those who have contributed significantly to the well-being of Canadian citizens.

Canadian Flag A - PWOS.jpg



Barry Bradshaw presenting the award to Daphne Wickstrom Prairie Women On Snowmobiles accept the SSA award

Barry Bradshaw, Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SSA) President;
past president; Daphne Wickstrom, PWOS


(Left to Right) Rhonda Dressler, past executive PWOS Secretary; Shannon Scott; exectuve,  Treasurer; Pat Haeusler past executive, Vice-President; Barry Bradshaw , Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SSA) past President; Daphne Wickstrom, Carol McSymytz, past Vice-President; Debra Zazula , Van Driver

Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association's President's Award PWOS with Elmer Cone, ISHOF president


  (Left to Right) Debra Zazula - Wadena - PWOS Van Driver, Carol McSymytz - Wynyard - PWOS past Vice, Shannon Scott - Regina - PWOS Treasurer, Elmer Cone - International Snowmobile Hall Of Fame (ISHOF) President,  past executive Rhonda Dressler - Regina - PWOS Secretary , past president Daphne Wickstrom - Wadena - PWOS

In 2011 Prairie Women On Snowmobiles received the Elizabeth Eisenhauer Award for their continued contributions of 10 years. In organizing the Mission 2001 Ride for Breast Cancer, Prairie Women on Snowmobiles exhibited a great dedication to the cause.

The group was formed when two friends, one a breast cancer survivor, asked her friend to snowmobile across Saskatchewan to raise funds for breast cancer research. Together the two planned, organized and implemented PWOS. The goal since conception is to have this Mission go across Saskatchewan each and every year to raise the funding for breast cancer research.

Prairie Women On Snowmobiles won the prestigious Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association’s (SSA) President’s Award, which is presented for “Outstanding Contribution To The Development Of Snowmobiling In Saskatchewan” and is only presented when the SSA President Barry Bradshaw feels that there is a worthy recipient. It was presented during the Diamonds in the Snow annual convention held in Regina on June 21, 2008 and has only been awarded five years out of the past 16 years, since it’s inception in 1992. PWOS past president Daphne Wickstrom was also awarded the “2007-2008 Outstanding Volunteer Snowmobiler of the Year” award.

In addition to her trophy, Daphne(past president) also received an SSA embroidered Volunteer Snowmobiler of the Year jacket and a $450.00 gift certificate from Choko Design. As winners of Diamonds in the Snow Provincial Awards, PWOS and Daphne are automatically entered in the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations' (CCSO) Snowmobile Excellence Awards (SEA). If one of the entries wins, the award will be presented at the International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) held annually in June in the USA.

Past president Daphne also received an honourable mention in the SSA Photo contest. The winning picture was of the PWOS team riding through the Borden Bridge during the Mission 2008 ride. The photo appears on the bottom of the about us page.

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