About Prairie Women On Snowmobiles

Prairie Women On Snowmobiles is a non-profit organization whose annual Missions are provincial awareness events that are designed to focus attention on breast cancer and the recreation of snowmobiling as well as raise funds for Canadian Cancer Society breast cancer research, totalling over $2.3 million to date.

In the past four years over $150,000.00 has also been raised for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency which has been used to purchase equipment for medical facilities in Saskatchewan.

The group was formed when two friends, one a breast cancer survivor, asked her friend to snowmobile across Saskatchewan to raise funds for breast cancer research. Together the two planned, organized and implemented PWOS. The goal since inception is to have this Mission go across Saskatchewan each and every year to raise the funding for breast cancer research.

Each Mission consists of a group of 10 volunteer snowmobilers who travel across Saskatchewan, passing through many cities and towns in six days and covering approximately 1400 kms. Volunteerism is the whole picture of PWOS women dedicating their time, resources, and sleds to help make the Missions so successful.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canadian women and the second most common cause of cancer death in women.

You do not have to ride a snowmobile or even own one to be a member! If you want to support PWOS, you are welcome to join.

For further information on becoming a member, rider or volunteer contact us.


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