Canadian Cancer Society Jail-N-Bail

The Canadian Cancer Society Jail-N-Bail involves a mock jail set up in a shopping centre. Normally upstanding citizens are "arrested" by detectives, go before a "judge" and then spend time in "jail" raising "bail" in donations to help put cancer away for life.

Last year, the Canadian Cancer Society Jail-N-Bail got a makeover…in an extremely well received move, the fun-filled event went from the silent film era to the TV age with the kind of quality entertainment that can only be found when a cheap pocket novel makes its way to the small screen and back to ‘real life’.. Want to make your acting debut? Join us in character and draw your inspiration from any of the respected crime drama performances on channels 2 to 1400.

Everything gets started when a “confidential informant” snitches on their boss, spouse, friend or co-worker. The Canadian Cancer Society confirms the charge with the "jailbird". On the day of the arrest, “detectives” (volunteers dressed as their favourite TV detectives) arrive to arrest the defendant, often followed by the “paparazzi”. The detectives escort the "jailbird" to jail, where he or she is formally charged and tried. Volunteer roles at the mock trial include the “judge”, the “defense attorney”, the “court reporter”, and of course, there are always “paparazzi” hanging about.

If found guilty (count on it), the "jailbird" is sentenced to raise bail to help put cancer behind bars. The jailbird joins other prisoners in a specially constructed jail cell complete with modern amenities. Jailbirds use their mobile devices to call, email and text friends, relatives and colleagues to ask for help with jail. Jailbirds can also use one of our iPads. At the end of the sentence, the jailbird is released and receives an official pardon certificate. Most incarcerations last from 1 - 2 hours.

The sitting judge is free to accept bribe money both before and during the trial. The bribe money goes to support the Society’s life-saving work to help put cancer away for life.

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